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Published on February 24, 2004 By stevendedalus In Humor

Once upon a time there was a likeable Hollywood actor, who at one time had believed in the Roosevelt design to help the multitude to help themselves. However, as President of the Actors’ Guild he betrayed his colleagues as McCarthy compiled the infamous blacklist. Then he was awarded by General Electric with big TV bucks and thus this Grade B character become Teflon Grade A[rrogant].

Mounted and poised as knight-in-chief with avenging lance aimed at the dragon of centralized government, King Ronald spurred his war-charger and let loose a war cry: "Military might is the American Way, my subjects, and thus must pay in loyalty to your king!" 

The righteous horde galloped after their righteous king and unleashed a scourge upon the land in the name of their king who foreshadowed disinformation in behalf of the kingdom’s defense. To fight the holy cold war, heavy tax was levied upon the commoners, and his predecessor, King Peanut, was blamed for being weak on communism, and the masses bowed in reverence to the happy warrior and forgave him for his tax relief among the noble class.

The nobles at long last purged the tattered ghost of FDR watching over the commonwealth: these relentless knights of economics-witchcraft did relentlessly deploy to lay waste the land with debt.

King George I dared to prick the voodoo doll but not enough for Sir Perot who ranted furiously over the unthinkable debt owed to Japan and Germany, historic enemies of the realm. While these mighty nobles dueled, Lord Slick stole the Sir Perot’s idea and the crown. Surprisingly King Slick-William, in spite of his unspeakable waywardness, brought fiscal responsibility to the kingdom. 

Alas, King George II did wrest the throne from Lord Gore, the people’s choice, and abruptly restored the divine right of King Ronald’s vision. When the fiery dragons took to the air to wreak havoc and fear upon the land, the people cowered and paid homage to their new king. When, in lieu of demanding sacrifice from his subjects and relieving them from the punishing levies of King Ronald’s legacy, and because King Slick-William had built up the kingdom’s treasury, King George II became the people’s choice. Thence the king did solemnly aver, “Though we be at war, you shall not sway from your merry ways, my dear subjects.” Thenceforth he became their god and they did not listen further: “And to the kingdom’s nobility, I decree, that the treasury so cruelly amassed by my predecessor, henceforth will be yours to do as you wish, in the name of our Lord and Philosopher Jesus.”


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on Feb 24, 2004
I love you.
on Feb 24, 2004
lol very nice

on Feb 24, 2004
Thanks loads, my fellow bloggers.
on Feb 24, 2004
OK, why haven't YOU run for President???
on Feb 25, 2004
Among your many creditable attributes, you also have a sense of humor!
on Feb 25, 2004
why thank you!
on Feb 25, 2004
thanks, this is just what i needed this morning, some lightness. but, OH how it makes me long for the good old days and all the peasants toiling night and day to bring the king his tea a pray to god they were on good enough terms with the publican to sleep ina the shed yet another night and to be granted with enough flour for their daily bread. maybe some things never change.

i am utterly disheartened to come online here today and find deep cold-heartedness by those who choose to actively castigate the poor and the so-called losers. it seems all notion of whatever compassionate conservatism is exposed to be the bullshit slick polite talking point for the masses that it always was with nor Realness or substance in it's soul, yet they go on talking about their God and so. Makes my heart sick and heavy while tyrants march on their simple minded sport of oppression.

thanks for letting me use your space here to vent myself some. be well all. ~j
on Feb 25, 2004
jeff allison- I must admit to being disheartened myself, but I'll never be quiet! I'm afraid the losers and the poor is in response to my quick notes on welfare. Keep writing, I like what you have to say! And write my email if you are still interested in starting a group, OK?
on Feb 25, 2004
Thanks for some thing intellectually stimulating. You win.
on Feb 26, 2004
Thanks, Sunday, I try to be stimulating most to the time. It's a good thing to clear the air.
on Mar 31, 2004
I noticed you reference a George Bush (41) voodoo doll in your entry. I recently found, and bought from, a site, a George W. Bush Voodoo Doll at I got them the other day and when I brought the George Bush voodoo doll and Rush Limbaugh voodoo doll into work, everyone loved them. I'll probably get more and give them as early Christmas presents, early enough to work on the election. They have a ton of different ones- others are John Ashcroft voodoo doll, Colin Powell voodoo doll, Saddam Hussein voodoo doll, it goes on and on.
on May 15, 2004
I just had to read again one of my many favorites of your articles!!!
on May 15, 2004
youre killin me here. i just have one question...when do we butcher the prodigal son? im hungry