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Published on February 17, 2012 By stevendedalus In Politics

Romney outsourced himself a longtime ago— "Detroit Export." His father is surely not R.I.P. anymore

on Mar 17, 2012

i lived in michigan when george romney was governor.  i was introduced to him and shook hands when he dropped by to support my father's candidacy for a seat in the state legislature.  (my dad ran as a republican in our district where about 9 outta 10 voters loudly proclaimed themselves to be emphatic bout being democratic.)

a few years later, during the 1967 uprising, george ordered occupation of my neighborhood by michigan national guard troops armed with combat weapons ranging from m-14s, m-15s, m-16s to m-79 grenade launchers supported by armored cavalry---like dozens of tanks--and jeeps on which were mounted dual.50 caliber machine guns. while romney balked at asking then president johnson to send in regular army units detroit pd and the national guard wreaked havoc on anyone who they encountered until us troops arrived and disarmed the guards.

i didn't realize george was born in mexico until just recently  ever since i've been sorta casually working on 'the ballad of geroge romney" based using the melody from davey crockett's ballad. 

born in chihuahua in 1907

and then i run into the whole 'whatg rhymes with seven' thing