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Published on January 11, 2012 By stevendedalus In Politics

"A three-member panel of the  Denver-based U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that the rights of plaintiff Muneer Awad, a Muslim man living in Oklahoma City, likely would be violated if the ban on Sharia law takes effect."

Regardless of the ruling, Sharia law would still be practiced, but the courts should definitetly prosecute violations of human rights, particularly women's and children's.

on Jan 11, 2012

Chopping off a hand is aggravated assault and battery.

Honor killing is premeditated murder.

There should be no religious 'shield' or exemption for either, or for other practices which are by our (US) definition crimes.

Given that, a blanket law banning Sharia 'law' would be unconstitutional (free exercise of religion) so I agree with the court.  Nonetheless, our secular laws should always remain supreme.

on Jan 13, 2012

Nonetheless, our secular laws should always remain supreme.

Right in the 2% of our seeing eye  to eye.Smiles

on Jan 13, 2012

All those liberal appointees are setting us up for a theocracy of the most violent.  Banning Sharia law does not harm him.  As long as he follows it on himself only, there is no violation of secular laws.  But leave it to liberal jurist to quake at the mention of Islam and Muslims.