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Published on December 3, 2008 By stevendedalus In Politics


According to an article in Newsweek an atheist can be pro life. Oh, really? The inference here is that this is an oddity and that most atheists and secularists are consequently free choice. The truth is that both sides are irrelevant to a woman's right to choose one way or another. A secularist woman is free to choose life or abortion as is a religious woman free to choose either. The woman is not railroaded by conscience or belief but rather the comfort or discomfort of her mind and body steeped in her condition at which time she decides what is right for her and chances are that the longer she waits, the greater the discomfort causing her to do what is not only right for her but the right of the baby.

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on Dec 04, 2008

I heard an interview with an atheist today.  He was decrying the fact that "Christians" rammed their beliefs down his throat, and thought he was damned (why should he care?  He did not believe in hell).  And then in the next breath, he defended ramming down a giant bill board that basically trashed Christmas as his "right of free speech".

You got to love hypocrites.

on Dec 07, 2008

You got to love hypocrites.
Yeah, what annoys me no end--aside from no atheists in foxholes--is that most so-called Atheists are anti-religious whereas atheism is supposed to be philosophic and lack passion. Rather an extreme wing of agnosticism.