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Race by Another Name
Published on July 22, 2008 By stevendedalus In Democrat



The polls that show there’s still a sizable share of voters who think Obama is Muslim is just another creative excuse not to vote for a black President.

Racism has many ploys and subterfuges.

on Jul 22, 2008

Eh. His decision making process is too strange for me. And too liberal.

on Jul 22, 2008
And too liberal.

On the contrary: read my blog on Obamacans.  
on Jul 23, 2008

You just hit the major fault with using the popular vote as a means of selecting people for election.

Some person with the IQ of Forrest Gump's vote is worth as much as yours!

Anyone who uses his middle name as a reason to change the way he may vote should be hit with a brick of silence. OR at least locked in the basement till the election is over.

Why should his middle name matter? Clinton lied about his parental background but they let him slide, since his mother wasn't the issue.  

My major issue is that he really hasn't defined any of his positions on the issues I care most about.  His book is nice and I would love to see a return to a political system that is much more polite and a lot less slanderous. But I am one of those bitter "one issue" voters.  So Lib or Repub will probably get my vote.  

The choices the candidates make for their VPs will probably have the most impact. If Obama picks the right guy, I may change my mind.


on Jul 23, 2008
The popular vote on the Obama primary was mostly "reconstructed" by caucuses, rather than straight popular vote--in the end it was the delegate count that mattered.
on Jul 23, 2008
Actually, he is more Arabian than black (last I read). WHatever difference that makes. But I do find it funny that some slam him for Wright (rightfully so) and then say he is muslim.
on Jul 24, 2008
slam him for Wright (rightfully so) and then say he is muslim.

Funny INDEED!  

on Jul 24, 2008
slam him for Wright (rightfully so) and then say he is muslim.Funny INDEED!

I have heard of a group called "jews for jesus". Is this the muslim version?
on Aug 05, 2008
Again, funny! But inaccurate, after all, Jesus is a Jew. More like Osama for Obama.