Constructive gadfly
Published on September 23, 2008 By stevendedalus In Poetry



Never had he witnessed, nor dreamt so rare

A loveliness in Gemini remade —

Unless it be Narcissus’ crystal fount

Reflecting either’s magic, unrippled spell

While primping for their Cinderella Prom.

Enough that Nature’s spite did cruelly wean

United countenance so unsurpassed

To fuse an aging, slaked and slumbering soul,

But then honed monads to boot their ken,

Enhancing coy, disarming wit and class.

So seductive have they been hotly anvilled

In the smithy of his boyish heart,

He rejoiced in the ambivalence of time’s abyss.

Though Faustus-bent to dare ordain to swing

Swift Chemistry’s wanton clock,

In quiet spirit to love each equally,

He stepped aside to let his double beauties

Flow to the graceful tick of youth.

Perplexing would be love’s pursuit —

Quick sanded in monogamous snares of conscience!

Wherein weary mores says one only.

For this wisdom is he thankful

That Time’s cruel jest did set

Much too early his alarm —

Sparing him dire rent of choice.

There’s beauty in these red and golden leaves

That Nature’s hand complexly weaves

Reminding those depressed there’s wondrous hope

In a dying age unwont to cope.

Aye, life levies exigency —

Captains anchor will to compliancy

While wanton sailors in self-pity drown

Their troubled conscience to pay the crown —

The optimal element within ourselves

That tells us there on the dusty shelves

Of true existence lies the drive

To rectify abuse and thus survive.

So too must he, despite clear reason’s odds

’Gainst love contrived by sporting gods,

Gently net a sinking heart on wing

And nurse its hurt till hopeful spring.

Copyright © 2008 Richard R. Kennedy All rights reserved. Revised: Sept 23,  2008.


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