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Published on August 23, 2008 By stevendedalus In Baseball


DH as we know it—"Old timers day every day"— should be done away, but managers in both leagues should be allowed one pinch hitter AB without having to remove the pitcher, or a slumping batter. To add to the strategy, such a designated pinch hitter forgoes this strategy except for traditional pinch hitting duty the next two games. The manager, however, is allowed this option in every game provided it is a different bench player.

This compromise should make it acceptable to the National League because in this situation the manager might gamble away his best pinch hitter, but chances are the strategy would be not to waste his best bench hitter and save him for a more pressing situation. But what if the pitcher, still strong, or slumping batter is due up with the bases loaded in the fourth inning, might not the manager opt to put the game away—win ‘em while you can—and call on his best pinch hitter?

on Aug 23, 2008

I like your plan!  It is better than a DH.

on Aug 25, 2008

Thanks. It has always been my pet-peeve because it kills the tradition of lifetime statistics and permits those well past their prime to continue on and rack up deceiving numbers .  

on Aug 25, 2008

YOur plan also makes the manager's role much more important.  A DH vs no DH really does not test a manager (except in maybe 1% of the games).  When to use an asset would make them earn their keep.